Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Dad's Golf"

This is one of my first watercolors.  I am taking a class at the Smithsonian with artist David Daniels   His style is different than mine, but I am learning his views.  I like to watch the instructions on You Tube and find they are more helpfull than anything else.  Cheep Joes also has a lot of great tips, and instructions, not to mention good prices on materials.  My paint is mostly Danial Smiths  This is a new medium for me and I find that I have to sort of think backwards from oil painting.  In oil the picture can develop and change, even morph as I go along.  With watercolor the end result must be clear before the brush hits the paper with everything planed out.

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  1. This looks much better than just a first attempt! Even though there isn't much detail in the figure, you captured his air of anticipation.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I hope you'll be back.